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cost $650- DURATION - 2.5hrS

Our microblading specialist uses a semi-permanent dye and a microblading pen to shape and define your eyebrows with feathered short strokes simulating the look of real hair. This service includes your four week touchup. This process lasts 1-2yrs.


cost $140 - Fills $60 - DURATION - 1-2hrs

We use Sugarlash PRO lashes. They have been featured in VOGUE, Harpers Bazaar, Byrdie and more. Sugar Lash Pro gives you a striking lash look. Sugarlash PRO lash lovers around the world have walked in prestigious Fashion Weeks, graced the spreads of editorial magazines, and inspired other women through public speaking and appearances around the world.


cost $150 - DURATION - 1 hr

A Keratin lash lift and tint coats and curls your natural lashes with proteins and vitamins, essentially lifting each lash individually to create a perfect curl to your lashes without having to use an eyelash curler. Your lashes will remain lifted for 6-8 weeks.  Avoid washing your lashes for 24hrs Avoid putting on mascara for 24 hrs Avoid using oil-based makeup & makeup remover for the first week.


eyelash tint COST $35 - eyebrow tint COST $30 - BOTH - $60 - DURATION 30 MINS 

This service uses a safe, non-toxic dye to tint your eyebrows and lashes. Tinting your eyebrows and lashes gives definition to your eyes without the need for mascara or an eyebrow pencil. You can book these services individually or together. This service will last on average 3-4 weeks.

semi permanent makeup

Eyelash enhancement cost $400 - lip liner cost $450 - full lip enhancement cost $650 - DURATION - 1 hr

Our certified permanent makeup artist is able to redefine your eyes making them appear larger and more youthful.   She is also able to reshape and recolor thin and uneven lips leaving them with a natural pink tint.


cost $525 - DURATION - 1 hr

Zoom whitening is a teeth-bleaching procedure. Our dental experts apply a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth, and an overhead lamp delivers UV light to the area, breaking down the activated gel. This allows oxygen to enter the enamel bleaching the colored substances while leaving the structure of the teeth intact. Treatments typically last about an hour and may result in up to eight shades of improvement.  Clients can experience mild gum sensitivity post appointment.



We obtain Platelet-Rich Plasma - PRP, by drawing a small amount of blood from your arm into a sterile tube. This sample is centrifuged to separate your plasma, which we use for the treatment. Plasma contains high concentration of platelets, stem cells and growth factors. Platelets help your tissue heal and grow new cells. We use your body’s natural resources to stimulate hair growth. Clinical research proves that this newer non-surgical method of managing hair loss is simple, cost-effective and provides a high-level of patient satisfaction. We recommend doing the PRP treatment once a month for 4 months, and maintenance every 6 months.


DIOLAZE XL - Contact us for pricing & services

Diolaze XL is the most effective laser hair removal technology out right now. It combines high peak power and large spot size surface areas simultaneously in the same session. It's speed, efficacy, safety and comfort optimize the best hair removal experience. Contact us directly about our laser hair removal services. We're happy to provide you with pricing and more info.

cost $150 - DURATION - 1.5hrS

We offer makeup application at our medispa or at your home for any special occasion or event. Our talented makeup artist can recreate any look you would like to achieve. Please contact us for group rates and weddings. 

Makeup Application